In Iowa, poachers’ targets not limited to deer

whitetail deer
Iowa’s whitetail deer are among the recent casualties of poachers. Photo by Matt Reinbold, Flickr.

Iowa has seen a slight increase in poaching this year, and the DNR is looking to publicize those cases as a deterrent, according to a release from the agency.

Iowa’s reputation as a premier hunting ground for whitetail deer has drawn many poachers to the state, but the illegal hunting hasn’t been limited to deer.

Recent targets include turtles, raccoons and even swans.

Here is a rundown of some those cases:

  • A Burlington man was charged with shooting a pair of swans, a protected species.
  • Several people were charged with trading, buying and selling turtles primarily in the western half of the state.
  • Three Audubon men have pleaded guilty to poaching at least 72 raccoons, and a fourth man charged requested a jury trial. The men were allegedly looking to sell the animals’ pelts.
  • 10 people recently used corn and minerals to draw deer in front of their blinds and then used high-powered rifles, shotguns and pistols to take them out.
  • Four Louisianans and an Iowan recently shot deer without licenses.
  • A Louisianan and a Mississippian killed bucks with antlerless tags and tried to cover their tracks with false tags.

For more information, check out this new series on poaching in Council Bluffs’ Daily Nonpareil.

Also, see the DNR’s website for information on reporting poachers.

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