Organic Farmer Seeks Sustainable Housing in Iowa

Angela Tedesco lives sustainably, and she wants to help others follow her lead.

Tedesco, a Johnston organic farmer, is looking to develop a 20-acre sustainable housing village near the Des Moines suburb of Granger, the Des Moines Register reports today.

Tedesco’s hope lies in something called co-housing. She wants to make these 20 acres a sustainable housing development, where each small, privately owned house is clustered in part of the property.

The remaining land would be jointly owned with shared community elements. The organic farm, for example, would stay as a central part of the community. There would be a common building where families could share meals or rent guest rooms. The development would be pedestrian-friendly, with automobiles kept separate from homes to encourage community mingling.

Though the economy has made her project take a stutter-step, Tedesco is still looking for a green developer to take on the project, which would open a new frontier to sustainability in the Des Moines suburbs.

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