UI faculty headed to Gulf Coast to study oil spill effects

From University of Iowa News Services:


During the next few weeks, the University of Iowa Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering will bid a temporary farewell to professor Thanos Papanicolaou and two other research staff members.

The three, along with researchers from two other universities, will take off on a 10-day trip to the Gulf Coast where they will search for oil and other hydrocarbons. Researchers hope that by studying these hydrocarbons they may be able to find out what negative effects the BP oil spill in April may have had on the ecosystem….

But this isn’t the first post-spill Gulf Coast visit for those at the University. Last June, CGRER co-founder Jerry Schnoor took a few students there to study how to remedy Louisiana’s marshlands.

See more coverage of that trip.

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