Anatomy of Iowa Floods: Preparing for the Future – Seminar Series – 2010

Filling the Burlington City Council chambers, Southeast Iowa residents patiently listen to the panel of flood experts in Burlington on June 16, 2010.

Next stop: Red Oak. The Iowa Floods of 2008 are receding into history, but Iowans can learn from them, and from flooding this past summer. That was the message put forth in community seminars sponsored in part by the University of Iowa Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research this summer and fall.

The two-hour sessions on “Anatomy of Iowa Floods:  Preparing for the Future” presented information on climate change trends in Iowa precipitation and run-off; floodplain management strategies; rural-urban watershed coalition building; water quality; the work of the Iowa Flood Center; and a review of public policy issues.  Twenty-five different people did presentations to support the series.

More than 400 people have attended the presentations so far, which included a question and answer period.

The seminars are being hosted by the University of Iowa’s Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research, Rebuild Iowa Office, University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy and Environmental Education, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Iowa Flood

The panel listens to Sen. Rob Hogg as he addresses the crowd in Burlington on June 16, 2010

Center, Iowa State University Extension, Iowa League of Cities and the Iowa State Association of Counties.

Seminar Communities:

June 16 –Burlington

June 21 – Cedar Rapids

June 30 – Waverly

July 14 – Mason City

July 19 – Ames

September 7 – Elkader

September 14 – Cherokee

September 21 – Red Oak

September 30 – Honey Creek State Park Resort

October 21 – Des Moines

For more information about the seminar series visit

For post seminar materials and agendas visit:

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