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Event: Iowa Climate Festival – April 26, 2014

 FREE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Continue reading for the event schedule! 

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Governor Branstad hails Iowa’s solar energy progress

During Iowa Solar Day, an annual event sponsored by Iowa’s Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA), Governor Terry Branstad and Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, said because Iowa is a leader in wind energy, we can use the same road map … Continue reading

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Freshwater Mussels

Craig Just, a University of Iowa faculty member, is studying freshwater mussels with respect to the nitrogen cycle. His team is trying to find ways to restore river habitats that have been depleted by excessive algal blooms. By understanding how … Continue reading

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Hazards Research

Eric Tate, a University of Iowa faculty member, is also a hazards geographer, who researches and studies issues closely related to floods. Currently, Tate is interested in the social dimensions of floods. He models human populations to determine who is … Continue reading

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Iowa Considering Turtle Harvest Season

Iowa’s turtle populations are unlikely to sustain the current level of commercial harvest. Overharvesting of turtles with little to no regulation and loss of habitat are two reasons for concern. Then Iowa Environmetal Council reported that the Iowa Department of Natural … Continue reading

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6 Ways the Newly Passed Farm Bill Will Impact Iowa

The new farm bill, passed by Senate last week will affects Iowans in several ways, from boosting access to locally grown fruits and vegetables at farmers markets to protecting wetlands and prairies, the Des Moines Register said. Here are six … Continue reading

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Water Quality Projects Sought in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is seeking applications for targeted watershed demonstration projects focused on water quality. Potential projects have until March 31 to apply for funding. The projects must be within the nine large priority watersheds … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Hurting Water Lines

Both Iowa City and Cedar Rapids have seen a historic number of water mains break this January, officials say. Ed Moreno, the Iowa City water division superintendent, said the problems are most often occurring with cast iron pipes laid from … Continue reading

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Advancing Iowa’s Solar Power

Howard Learner of the Environmental Law and Policy Center believes Iowa risks missing a key role in solar power. “It’s time for Iowa policymakers to step up with supportive policies to seize the solar energy development opportunities and reject attempts … Continue reading

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CGRER Co-Sponsors Seminars

The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research is co-sponsoring two upcoming seminars at the University of Iowa.   Alan Bewell, from the University of Toronto, will speak about “Natures in Translation: Romanticism and Colonial Natural History” on Tuesday, February … Continue reading

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