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Investigation finds high radon levels in U.S. classrooms

An investigation by MSNBC found that many schools around the nation, including in Iowa, have high radon levels and rarely test their radon concentration. One of the stories told in the report describes the experience of an Iowa teacher who … Continue reading

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Iowa DNR worried about state’s water supply

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is concerned that Iowa’s underground water supplies might not be sufficient enough to meet the demand created by urban sprawl and a growing biofuels industry. These concerns stem from the DNR’s effort to inventory … Continue reading

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2011 Iowa DNR projects reduce sediment reaching our waterways by 20,000 tons

Projects funded by the DNR in 2011 will keep over 20,000 tons of soil out of Iowa’s waterways each year. Additionally, these conservation projects will reduce the phosphorous and nitrogen reaching the waterways by 27,164 pounds per year and 41,881 … Continue reading

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Iowa colleges participate in Recycle Mania

Beginning last month and continuing till the end of March, Loras College, Simpson College, Wartburg College, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Mount Mercy University, Upper Iowa University and Grinnell College are all competing in Recycle Mania. These schools are … Continue reading

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On the Radio: Our national bird’s troubled history

Listen to this week’s radio segment here or read the transcript below. This week’s discusses the troubled history and promising future of the bald eagle in Iowa. Did you know that less than 40 years ago there were zero bald eagles nesting … Continue reading

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Some of Iowa’s hazardous waste is being dumped in Illinois to avoid Iowa’s regulations

A report from WQAD indicates that some organizations and people in Iowa are taking their hazardous materials to Iowa in order to avoid Iowa’s stricter regulations. The demanufacturers in Iowa are carefully monitored, and apply fees for the removal of … Continue reading

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Iowa school districts receive grants to reduce diesel emissions

A total of $280,359 in grants will be awarded to seven Iowa school districts to reduce diesel emissions on school bus engines. The funding will be provided by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Diesel … Continue reading

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Iowa DNR tracks northern pike to determine best places to dredge

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is using radio tracking to determine what habitats are important to northern pike. In the winter, northern pike need slow moving water with adequate oxygen to survive. However, sediment fills in many of these … Continue reading

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Deer harvest reduced for sixth consecutive year

Iowa hunters reported harvesting 121,407 deer during the 2011-2012 hunting seasons – a 4.5 percent drop from the 127,094 deer harvested in 2010 – 2011. Since 2006, Iowa’s deer population has dropped by 30 percent. “Deer numbers in many areas … Continue reading

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Video: UI engineering student tries to become America’s Next Eco-Star

UI student Elliott Beenk hopes to become America’s Next Eco-Star. Students around the nation are submitting videos about why they should be America’s Next Eco-Star. SmartPower and the U.S. Department of Energy sponsor the contest, and the winner will receive … Continue reading

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