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Pests show resistance to Monsanto corn plants

Could Monsanto Co.’s genetically modified corn plants cause the emergence of superbugs? That’s what findings by Iowa State University entomologist Aaron Gassmann suggest. Gassman found that western corn rootworms at four Iowa fields developed a resistance to pesticides in the … Continue reading

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Fort Calhoun emergency alert recinded

As the Missouri River flood waters finally begin to recede, the power plant’s emergency status is finally removed. The Washington Post reports: Officials say an idled Nebraska nuclear plant that was entirely surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters earlier this summer is no … Continue reading

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Iowa City and Cedar Rapids bring co-ops into the digital age

Local farmers from the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area are about to receive a digital boost. The Iowa Valley Food Co-Op is the latest co-op to try increasing the distribution of local food by utilizing the web. Des Moines’ … Continue reading

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On the Radio: UI center finds contaminants in Iowa’s well water

Check out this week’s radio piece here.  This Iowa Environmental Focus segement discusses contamination in Iowa’s ground water. What’s in your water? That’s the question that the Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination is answering for many Iowans.

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UI Professor Steve Hendrix explains importance of bees

Steve Hendrix is a professor in the University of Iowa’s Biology Department. He is also a CGRER member, and recently received a seed grant from the organization. One of the focuses of Hendrix’s research is on bees – specifically, the … Continue reading

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DNR unable to link fish kill to pollutant

A recent press release from the DNR indicates that the cause of a Hamilton County fish kill could have been determined if the citizen who noticed the dead fish hadn’t waited a day before reporting it. This fish kill was … Continue reading

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Debate over lead shot goes national

Iowa’s debate over the use of lead ammunition for dove-hunting is now receiving national attention. Major publications including USA Today picked up the story that puts environmentalist and many hunters on opposing sides. Environmentalist worry that fragments of the toxic … Continue reading

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Air quality panel to meet in Williamsburg

Pollution Prevention Services is hosting an air quality workshop at the Clarion Inn Amana Colonies on Sept. 14. Read more from the DNR below: Keeping track of air quality changes can be overwhelming. This workshop will provide you the latest … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly streets coming to Iowa City

Iowa City’s streets just received a green boost. A new environmentally friendly asphalt additive was used today on Capitol Street. This additive allows the asphalt to work at lower temperatures than usual, leading to a reduction in the fuel needed … Continue reading

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Hydro power coming to Des Moines area

The Missouri River Energy Services announced a plan to build a hydroelectric engineering facility on the Des Moines River last week. Read more from The Chronicle below: Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) has announced its intent to proceed with the … Continue reading

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