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ISU helps determine best hen-housing system

Iowa State University is working with agricultural groups around the nation to determine the most sustainable hen-housing system. Joining ISU are groups from Michigan State University, University of California, Davis and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Coalition For Sustainable … Continue reading

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EPA moves to clean up coal plants nationwide

The Environmental Protection Agency is gaining ground in its battle against polution emitted from coal plants.  It hopes to finish two measures this week that would help the power plants cut back on their emissions. McClatchy Newspapers reports: After years of delays and … Continue reading

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Muscatine residents frustrated by pollution

Muscatine’s Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is undergoing a $100 million initiative to reduce emissions – but this isn’t enough for many nearby residents. In order to cut down on emissions, the GPC will create new facilities and get rid of … Continue reading

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DuPont to bring ‘next-generation’ ethanol plant to Nevada

Nevada, Iowa will soon be home to a new kind of ethanol plant.  DuPont’s new plant will use corncobs, leaves and stalks as feedstock instead of corn in its production. Read more of the Des Moines Register’s coverage here: Nevada … Continue reading

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New co-op in West Des Moines

Strong community interest succeeded in bringing a new co-op to West Des Moines. The Tallgrass Grocery Co-op, located in the Valley Junction neighborhood, opens in the fall and offers locally grown and produced foods. The Des Moines Register reports that … Continue reading

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UI hosts workshop for middle school teachers

The University of Iowa is doing their part in preparing science teachers to cover environmental issues in the classroom. Professor Charlie Stanier and PhD candidate Morgan Yarker recently led a workshop helping middle school teachers develop curricula covering climate, weather … Continue reading

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Animal waste regulations eliminated

Iowa’s Environmental Protection Commission recently retracted permitting requirements for large-scale animal farms. These requirements used to mandate that farmers in charge of confined animal feeding operations receive a permit from the Department of Natural Resources before discharging animal waste.  The … Continue reading

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On the Radio: Smog creates health risks for Iowans

Listen to this week’s radio segment here.  It discusses the negative impact that smog has on Iowa and the rest of the Midwest. Emphysema, bronchitis and asthma – those are just a few conditions that can be caused or worsened … Continue reading

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Popular herbicide linked to birth defects

Studies indicate that a popular herbicide used around the U.S. is linked to birth defects. The herbicide, known as Roundup, contains the chemical glyphosate, which has repeatedly been shown to cause birth defects in laboratory animals. Less clear is the … Continue reading

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Bat population threatened by fungal infection

A fungus plaguing North American bats could soon make its way to Iowa. This fungal infection, known as the “white-nose syndrome” (WNS), first forms on bats’ faces and wings during hibernation, and causes them to break hibernation prematurely. Once awoken, … Continue reading

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